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One of our tools : the quotes library

You can create your punchword in one minute and share it with your network

1 Select your picture

Select a picture in your gallery or take a picture. These photos can be personal pictures, selfies, landscapes… This picture will be the the background of the idea you want to express.

2 Select or write your text

You can choose a quote or book passage directly in our Library which includes thousands of quotes in different languages, or write you own original “punchword”.

3 Record your voice post

Tap on the speaker button and record your voice message. You can explain your punchword, tell a story, sing ...

4 Share with your network

You can share your creation directly on Punchword but also on your favorite social networks (Facebook, instragram, Snapchat, Twitter…) by just one click.

Punchword Library

Have access to the Punchword Quotes and Books passages library and select the most impacting ones


Punchwords' templates are regularly updated so that you can highlight your creations and highlight your pictures.


Join the words' lovers community by chatting and sharing your words with other punchword users.

Video Punchword

Find hereafter a short video presentation of Punchword

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